MoveUs App

MoveUs App is a Smart Mobility tool available for iOs and Android devices that provides green, multimodal, personalized, safe, private and reliable services which include:

  • Multimodal Journey Planner: User plans a trip according to a mode of transport and gets itineraries, travel times, CO2 savings, calories consumption, green points and incentives. Learn more
  • Unplanned trip: User registers a trip without initially specifying the start and end locations. Corresponding green points are assigned after the user ends the trip. Learn more
  • Energy efficiency calculation: This service provides information on the energy consumption of the different journey options. Learn more
  • Feedback service (GENOA): A user is able to report to the system his or her own information on traffic status. Learn more
  • Smart crossing (MADRID): Improves road safety and mobility. It allows the user to activate the green light at pedestrian crossings using the mobile App. It also detects slow pedestrians to provide them more time to cross the road. Learn more
  • Bus priority (MADRID): This allows priority provided buses to catch up with their schedule’s delay by provoking changes in the normal operation of the specific traffic light controller. Learn more
  • Parking service (TAMPERE): This service allows users in Tampere to find available parking spaces for cars and bikes. Learn more

We are pleased to launch our mobile app, compatible with both Android and Apple devices. You can find it by searching for the keyword: moveusapp in Google Play and iTunes.