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WP2/WP3 to WP4/WP5 handover meeting


Coordination meeting between WP2 User Requirements & Current Infraestructures and WP3 Analysis, Specfication and Design of the MoveUs Architecture and City Services and, at the same time, a KoM for WP4 Energy Efficiency Assesment and WP5 MoveUs Cloud-based platform implementation, starting in September. The discussion on WP2 and WP3 was focused on providing an effective handover of results from a primarily design phase to WP4 and WP5, targeted to implementation.

WP2/WP3 Coordination meeting


Coordination meeting between WP2 and WP3. The WP2 discussion was done in a WP3-oriented perspective to check if the work done so far is in line with the expectations.

MoveUs Kick Off

Atos Venue

The FP7 MoveUs project kickoff meeting took place on the 24th and 25th of October, 2013 in Madrid.

Eleven partners from three countries (Italy, Finland and Spain) joined the meeting to kick-off the project activities aimed at designing, implementing, testing and exploiting an integrated cloud-computing technology platform and mobility services.