D.2.1. Current infrastructures, mobility requirements and information sources
D.2.2. MoveUS use cases, Incentives-based model concept and common specifications for the pilots
D.2.3. Mobility requirement Refined Version
D.3.1. Data models, object models and ontology definitions
D.3.2.1. MoveUS cloud-based platform: specification and architecture
D.3.3. MoveUS city services: specification and design
D.3.5.1. Smart Movility a cloud-computing envionment
D.4.1. Methodology benchmarking for energy efficiency and carbon footprint
D.4.2. MoveUs energy efficiency assessment plan
D.4.2. MoveUS energy efficiency assessment plan.
D.7.1.1. 1st Report on the set-up of the MoveUS Living Lab demonstrators, evaluation methodology, plan and materials
D.8.1. MoveUS website and factsheet
D.8.4. 2nd Newsletter
D.8.4.3. 3rd Newsletter
D.8.5.1. 1st report on cooperation with other projects
D.8.5.2. 2nd report on cooperation with other projects