W.9. Multi-disciplinary Workshops in the MoveUS Living Labs

Lead Beneficiary: 
Multi-disciplinary Workshops in the MoveUS Living Labs

This work package is a one-task WP that will set up activities of diverse kinds in order to make the most of the MoveUS LL communities. These communities will have been set up in WP7, and other WPs (i.e. WP2 during the phase of gathering requirements) will have worked with them in previous key moments of the project. Now WP9 will work with them to extract valuable information in terms of social, legal, impact-related, economic and user-experience factors, once the MoveUS technological solution is ready to be assessed. This is an iterative task and includes two validation iterations from M28 to M31 and from M32 to M35.

WP9’s objectives are to:
• Identify, through user workshops, key factors needed for developing technologies and methods enabling a better mobility experience through the MoveUS technologies. These factors will be renewed as the project evolves.
• Facilitate the work with these communities in other WPs (especially WP2 and WP8).
• Gather concrete specifications of services and functionalities that Living Labs require for a sustainable business development across the different city sectors and profiles (ages, disciplines, user types and technologies), deliver these to WP6, T6.5.
• Address the external feedback received from other initiatives as gathered in WP8, T8.2, when relevant for the different aspects of the MoveUS living labs
• Bring the user and usability approach into business and services development, and consequently into R&D on sustainable and collaborative mobility.
• Bring together the scientific community, as represented