Genoa Snapshot

Genoa Snapshot About The Living Lab Environment

  • Genoa is the capital of the Ligurian Region in north-west of Italy and is the sixth biggest Italian city for population.
  • The urban area is placed in a narrow strip between the Apennine mountains and the Ligurian sea, along a seaside of about 30 km from the western to the eastern part, and in two main valleys, Bisagno and Polcevera.
  • Genoa has one of the main ports in the Mediterranean sea.
  • City data:
    • 610.000 inhabitants in 240 km² of city extension (in the central area, 276.000 inhab in 28 km²)
    • Urban road network: 1.400 km
    • Private cars = 290.000; 2-wheels = 140.000; LDV = 25.000
    • Motorway traffic = 75 Mveh/year in/out the 7 city gates
    • PT system: 913 km network; 154 Mpax/year
    • Modal share = 42% private; 43 % public; 15% other
  • Huge historical centre with high population density
  • Main problems: lack of space and few alternative routes
  • Genoa has been a leader in Italian industrial development and, after the almost complete dismantling of heavy industries, the city has started a transformation process moving towards services industry (esp. Hi-tech) and hosting several research institutions and companies, among them IIT.
  • Because of its geographical position and being at the same time an industrial, commercial and cultural pole, Genoa is promoting a new vision on energy development and sustainable urban planning by integrating different needs and tools.
  • In 2010 it has been created the “Genova Smart City Association” with the aim to turn Genoa into a smart city. There are more than sixty members of the Association, including other institutions (Region, Province, Chamber of Commerce, Port Authority), small and big companies, research institutes, associations, all working together towards the shared goal.