Genoa LL aims to:

Establish an interactive process between the planning, development and testing of services in the field of smart mobility and energy efficiency.

Set up feedback mechanisms to identify the functionality, operation, and usability of offered services.

To comply with those objectives, the pilot of Genoa considers the following use cases of the MoveUs solutions:

Multimodal journey planner

Multimodal journey planner with feedback from users; the multimodal journey planner is the “standard” function allowing to give the user indications how to go from an origin to a destination according to different modes of transport (PT, car, walking), Time to destination, Costs while receiving information on traffic congestion. The service will provide results in terms of criteria chosen such as time of travel, cost, energy consumption, carbon footprint, incentives, personal needs, etc.

Crowd-sourced traffic data collection

Integration of crowd sourced data into the Genoa traffic supervisor, with the aim to share info and real-time and historical data, provided by users through mobile devices. Crowd Sourcing is a new form of computing that is facing with several research challenges, from the social incentives to share info and data, to the technical issues of collecting and analyzing a huge amount of real-time and historical data, till the most important issue in security and privacy for end users. This service is built over the integration of crowd sourced (sensor data) provided by users through mobile devices (smartphone, phablet, tablet) with Traffic Supervisor. Thanks to MoveUs this service will make users to become consumers and producers of data, a mixed role, referred to as prosumer

Incentive-based mobility services

Today many of the initiatives that aims at triggering eco-friendly mobility choices are restrictive actions but it is likely that in the near future, a mix between prices, financial and positive social incentives could represent an effective measure to make drivers reduce of a significant percentage of the mileage in urban environment or to shift to other modes of mobility.

MoveUs project has designed and developed a complete system where positive incentives can be gained by using ‘soft’ mobility modes such as shared vehicles, bicycle and public transportation. The three Living Labs in Madrid, Genoa and Tampere have developed custom incentive schemas and initiatives to fit the local needs and situation with the aim to achieve less energy consumption and smaller carbon footprint in urban mobility.

These services are bundled into a mobile application able to allow users to fulfil all personal mobility needs in an urban environment. “Personal mobility needs” are to be understood in a broad sense, and include not only aspects related to the travels themselves but also to personal needs such as point of interests, shops, hobbies, externalities, incentives, etc.

Do you want to participate in the trial validation?

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MoveUsapp is now available for Android and iOS. Download it from your store and participate in the evaluation process!!!