Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid (EMT)




The EMT Madrid (“Empresa Municipal de Transportes de Madrid S.A.”) is a public private company created in 1947, it is owned by the Madrid council. It runs the bus transport service in the municipality of Madrid and is the largest company in Spain in its industry. It is integrated in the “Consorcio Regional de Transportes” (Regional transport authority) which coordinates the transport offer in Madrid City and surroundings. Nowadays, EMT employs nearly 8000 workers and 2100 buses are available to travel in 217 routes across Madrid. Yearly, the EMT’s buses are travelling more than 100 millions of kilometers, carrying 440 millions of passengers.

Apart of the transport offer of EMT, which is positioning the company as the most important in the Madrid traffic system, the company is at the cutting edge of Intelligent Transport Systems and Customer Information Systems. The EMT of Madrid is really concerned with the fact of improving the service given to the passengers and those investments will mean a better service to the population.

The main target of the route planner that EMT provides is to offer a route with an origin point and a concrete destination, based on the number of transfers, the used time and the least way covered by foot.