MoveUS | ICT cloud-based platform and mobility services available, universal and safe for all users

A set of mobility services that encourage sustainable transport in cities by changing travelers’ attitudes and behaviour, rewarding with incentives the most eco-friendly and sustainable choices

A cloud-based mobility management platform integrating different transport and traffic management components which are able to collect heterogeneous data and process these data to infer valuable information of the traffic status and users’ mobility patterns, ensuring data privacy and security all along the handling process. Learn more about our Platform

An API toolkit offered as a platform extension, in the form of light full services (REST) which provides developers and third parties access to these data and use them to develop new services. Learn more about our API TOOLKIT

Innovative user-centric city services supported by an effective incentive-based model and energy efficiency tools, aimed at assisting users’ mobility and fostering behavioural changes towards sustainable transport modes.

These services are integrated in:

  • an user interface targeted to citizens to make the functionalities and the information processed by the mobility platform easily accessible in a friendly and personalized way . Learn more about MoveUs App
  • various console services targeted to authorities.